CandleLight Service

On the evening of December 18 at 7pm, we will have a Candlelight Service called “Christmas through the Carols.” Please bring friends to this lovely commemoration of the Christmas story through song.


We are in the midst of Advent – a season of waiting. We remember how the people of old waited for the coming of the Messiah, just as we wait for Christ to come again. It’s a season of anticipation. It is also a season when we experience the tension that Christ has come and yet not all…

Sermon Series: Here Comes Transformation

We have begun a new sermon series called “Here Comes Transformation” that explores Christian character. Jesus pointed to habits of the heart where we can cultivate virtues such as courage, patience, humility and love. We participate with the Holy Spirit as our lives are transformed to reflect the image of God.

Searching For Home

A 3-week sermon series beginning Sunday, September 11. Pastor Jane will look at the longing for home that exists in the hearts of everyone. She will look at our current culture as it encourages people to wander from one solution to another, searching for comfort, fulfillment and rest. Our true home lies with God.