JONAH sermon series

What does the Book of Jonah in the Bible have to teach us about God? What does it have to teach us about ourselves? And about knowing our neighbours and community? Lots. Jonah is not just a tall tale about a huge fish. It’s an extraordinary story that helps us face ourselves in today’s world…

Camp in Our Own Backyard

Are you looking for a one-week Christian day camp this summer? There are still spaces available for “Camp in Our Own Backyard.” Explore faith. Create connections. Join the adventure. August 19-23. Call Pastor Jane for more information. 705 329-3960.

Singing in the Light of God

~ A Summer Celebration of the Psalms ~In our worship services – Sundays at 10am – beginning June 30 – we will begin the summer delight of exploring the Psalms. We will be studying, singing, praying, reciting, (dancing!?) the psalms. And maybe even writing a psalm of our own. Please join us!